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Yes! Sticker-Eye Cam has a built-in siren that plays directly from the device. You can choose to trigger it manually while live streaming or to be played automatically while a person or motion is detected.
Sticker-Eye Cam has a high-performance monitoring day and night! You don’t need to worry when the sun sets! With an ambient sensor that measures the light’s intensity, Sticker-Eye Cam switches automatically to night mode when needed.
Using the same app and the same account, you can add as many cameras as you want! You can control all your cameras from the same application.
While all of them are active and recording events, you can only control one at a time, that is: watching a live feed, modifying the camera’s settings, playing back a recording, etc.
Yes! You can upload familiar faces in your library on the Sticker-Eye App. Once you activate the Face Recognition mode, those familiar faces will be detected. If you enable Face Recognition, you can choose to receive or block Notifications when the device detects faces from your Face Library.
In order Not to get Notifications for familiar faces, make sure that "Push Notifications with Name when faces in the Face Library are recognized" checkbox is disabled. This can be found in the Alerts Settings.
Yes, it does.
Yes, you can zoom in or out.
If the internet is down, the camera will work normally and store footage locally, but you will not be able to access your data and you won't receive notifications until the camera gets back online.
Sticker-Eye Cam supports English and Chinese.
Sticker-Eye comes with the following detection modes:
Motion Detection
The camera detects and records any type of motion (including people). If you enable
Motion Detection, you’ll receive notifications on your phone each time Sticker-Eye
detects motion.
Person Detection
The camera detects and records people only. If you enable Person Detection, Motion
Detection will automatically turn on, but the camera will start filtering the information
and will send you notifications only when people pass by.
Face Recognition
Once you’ve uploaded a close-up face image of a family member/friend on the app
and enabled this feature, the camera will notify you each time a stranger or a familiar person (if you select so) passes by.
Guests can only watch live streams, playback, receive notifications and view device info.
Whenever someone tries to make an attempt on Sticker-Eye, a video will be recorded and Whenever someone tries to make an attempt on Sticker-Eye, a video will be recorded and sent to you via the app.
The best accessory to buy, that does not come in the box, is the mechanical secure mount that provides you extra security for your Sticker-Eye camera.
If you place your camera outside in an easy to reach area or you are afraid not to be stolen, we have a solution. This new clamping system provides a more stable grip and is much harder to be removed. Quick and easy to install on any drillable surface, this new mount will protect your camera! This accessory will be available on Amazon soon.
The push-to-talk feature is available during any live streaming session. Sticker-Eye Cam has a built-in microphone and speaker so that you can listen and talk in real time even while you are away from home.
Sticker-Eye Cam comes with a built-in rechargeable battery. To enhance the experience, we've managed to extend the battery life by using a high-capacity rechargeable lithium battery inside & applying energy-saving AI technology for less energy consumption. Depending on user settings, usage, and temperature, the battery normally lasts about two months in average usage(Motion Detection Mode, 10 to 15 notifications per day, 15 seconds long each).
If the main button is continuously blinking Red for 3 seconds, you need to charge your Sticker-Eye camera.
To charge the battery, remove the plastic rubber located at the back of the device. Using the USB Type-C cable connect the Sticker-Eye camera to a minimum 2A USB charger.

As designed, the fully-charged time is 6 hours under an input power of 4.75V≤Voltage≤5.25V, Current≥2A.To meet this input requirement, we suggest you use the original packing Type-C power cable to charge it. Most adaptors can work well to provide the required power, but if you want to use the iPhone adaptor, the charging time will be longer because it limits the current at round 1A only. We suggest you use adaptors aligned with the below protocols:

  • BC1.2 DCP 5V-1.5A
  • QC2.0 5V
  • QC3.0 5V
  • FCP 5.0V
  • APPLE 5V-2.4A
  • If it is not easy for you to identify whether your adaptor aligns with these protocols, we suggest you use an iPad adaptor if you have one. We also have a table for the tested adaptors and their compatibility with Sticker-Eye camera:

    Adapter compatibility with the original packing Type-C power cable
    Adapters Protocol Max Current Compatibility
    iPad Adapter APPLE 5V-2.1A 2.233A Good
    BC1.2 DCP 5V-1.5A
    APPLE 5V-2.
    SAMSUNG 5V-2.0A
    QC2.0 5V 9V 12V QC3.0
    FCP 5.0V 9.0V
    2.245A Good
    Huawei Adapter
    BC1.2 DCP 5V-1.5A 2.194A Good
    OPPO 1+ VOOC DASH 2.238A Good
    BC1.2 DCP 5V-1.5A
    QC2.0 5V 9V 12V QC3.0
    2.247A Good
    BC1.2 DCP 5V-1.5A
    APPLE 5V-2.4A
    SAMSUNG 5V-2.0A
    2.248A Good
    iPhone Adapter BC1.2 DCP 5V-1.5A 1.255A Medium

    If you use some adapters and their original packing power cables, you may encounter some cases that the camera won’t be charged. To solve this kind of issue, you can try to use the adapter and Sticker-Eye camera’s original packing cable. If it does not work neither, please report the adaptor brand to us via App or Support on our website, we will test to check its compatibility.

    It takes up to 6 hours to charge the battery, depending on the charger you are using. Make sure to use a minimum 2A charger. If the LED is fast blinking RED, the charger you are using is not compatible. During charging the LED will be RED and will turn OFF once charging is completed.
    Sticker-Eye Cam sleeps with one eye open. This means that the default mode of the camera is a stand-by mode. When Sticker-Eye Cam detects an event, it "wakes up", starts recording and sends smart alerts via app. After this it goes back to stand-by mode.
    To get the best of the face recognition algorithm, you need to upload a proper face to your Face Library. Use a clear image, avoiding the following: covered face; profile angle; more than one person in the picture; closed eyes or exaggerated expressions; sunglasses and other accessories.
    Once the image is successfully uploaded enable the Face Recognition detection from Alerts Settings. A familiar face is recognized if it is no further away than 10 feet (3m) and looking at the camera (max 35° accepted face rotation on all 3 axes).
    Sticker-Eye uses a PIR [Pyroelectric InfraRed] sensor to detect the motion of warm "objects" in front of the camera. Once motion is detected, the camera will wake up from standby mode. Then it will analyze the frames and try to find human activity.
    If the device detects people, it will record and store locally a 5 to 30 seconds video. Sticker-Eye will also send you a notification snapshot taken from the recorded video containing the detected people.
    If you choose to activate only the motion detection feature, the device will send you alerts each time the PIR sensor "detects" infrared light radiating from moving "objects" (people, animals, cars, etc.), but won't specifically tell you whether there’s a human, animal, car, etc.
    If you want to clear your gallery and get rid of useless content then:
    1. Log in to your Sticker-Eye Cam account;
    2. Tap the Alerts icon (bottom center of the screen);
    3. The Alerts page displays;
    4. Tap the Videos icon (top right corner);
    5. Click on the Daily Video Thumbnail of choice;
    6. Click on the video you want to delete;
    7. Tap the Delete icon (top right corner).
    There is nothing specific you need to do about it. When the internal storage reaches 95%, the oldest videos are automatically erased, making space for the latest ones. If you wish to save certain videos, you can download them to your phone via the app.
    After the Sticker-Eye camera is connected to a proper charger (4.75 -5.25 V and minimum 2A current) using the USB cable that comes in the original box, a red LED will be ON for as long as the charging happens. When the battery is fully charged, the red LED will turn OFF.
    To see the battery level:
    1. Tap the Sticker-Eye icon on your mobile device.
    2. The Device page will display a list of your connected devices.
    3. Press the Device Settings icon associated with the device you want to check out.
    4. Press the Device Info icon
    5. See battery level.
    Yes, you can use an external power bank. The output voltage must be between 4.75V and 5.25V. Keep in mind that when the rubber cover is open, the IP54 weatherproof grade might alter.
    You can the QR Code on the back of the package box or you can search for "Sticker-Eye" in the App Store or Google Play.
    Yes, you can zoom in or out while live streaming using the digital zoom from the Sticker-Eye mobile app.
    In order to adjust your video quality:
    1. Log in to your Sticker-Eye Cam account;
    2. Go to: Settings > Video & Audio;
    3. Change Video Resolution;
    4. Change Video Quality.
    To experience the best quality during playback or live streaming make sure the signal strength is full (Device Settings > Wi-Fi signal bar).
    Thanks to our practical and innovative design, our portable security solution can be installed almost anywhere.
    In order to maximize Sticker-Eye Cam’s performance it's important to keep in mind a few recommendations when positioning your Sticker-Eye Cam:
    1. Place your camera so that space you want to monitor is within the camera's field of view;
    2. Rotate the camera body to adjust the horizontal range;
    3. Rotate the camera head to adjust the vertical monitoring range;
    4. Choose the best way to fix it:
  • Use a Sticker for furniture, tile, glass, interior or exterior walls. Usually those surfaces you don’t want to drill through;
  • Use Screws for wood or cement and bricks walls. You may use screws for every drillable surface;
  • Use Magnet Mount on any magnetic surfaces.
  • Homeowners usually set up monitoring systems to get remote access to the comings and goings in their houses. If not placed right, home security cameras can be useless. It is important to have a holistic perspective of your home and identify the most vulnerable areas for break-ins.
    We suggest placing Sticker-Eye Cam on front and back doors, monitoring windows, garages, and backyards. Sticker-Eye Cam works best for side to side movement rather than toward or away from it.
    To turn on the device, long press the main button for 1 second and wait for the Power On sound.
    To turn off the device, press the main button for at least 15 seconds.
    Press the button on the device for 5~8s and add the device again
    The detection distance depends on the PIR's sensitivity. You can set the PIR's sensitivity on the App. The more sensitive, the longer distance the device can detect.
    Sticker-Eye detects movement or people up to 20 feet (6 meters) away. The motion sensor is much more sensitive to side-to-side movement across its field of view, and less sensitive to movement directly toward or away from the camera.
    Please refer to the below images to better understand how the motion sensor works.
    The camera is triggered based on user detection preferences, and having person detection ON will save you from false notifications and save battery. However, the camera will consume some power trying to filter out the false alerts (when it is triggered by something else than persons). Having many such false wake-ups will consume more battery.
    Check the link for better understanding: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jMTZit5JanI
    To avoid this and save battery, here is some advice:
    1. Avoid background clutter in order to get better detection and fewer chances for false positives. For example, having very dense and irregular vegetation or piles of clothes in the background can both make it harder for the AI to find a person’s features and increase the chance that some other part of the background looks superficially like a human and is detected as one. Even with Person Detection enabled, Sticker-Eye will always exit standby mode because of the moving background and will start searching for people. If it doesn’t find anyone, the camera won’t send you notifications and will enter standby mode again until next detected motion. This will lead to a quicker battery drain.
    2. Avoid placing objects close to the camera and don’t obscure its field of view. Besides limiting its usefulness, this will increase the chance of false positives. Our AI algorithms are encouraged to report suspicious objects as if they were persons. Such a hard to identify object has a higher chance of being incorrectly detected as a person.
    3. A front-facing (or low angle) camera mounting should be preferred to an overhead one. This allows the AI to register more features of the person or face that appears in front of the camera and thus will have a higher detection accuracy.
    4. The field of view of the camera should include the whole person instead of just the upper or lower part of the body. Similar to the previous recommendation, this will give the AI more features of the person, increasing its accuracy.
    5. Avoid pointing the camera through a window. On top of affecting the PIR sensor, this setup can also decrease the AI performance. Reflections, distortions, water or stains on the glass can all negatively impact the performance of the AI algorithms.
    6. Outdoor camera placement should avoid direct sunlight.
    7. Avoid placing the camera in room corners. Since room corners are surrounded by walls, these places usually have a weak Wi-Fi signal reception. Low Wi-Fi will affect both the streaming quality and battery lifetime.
    8. Place your device in the proximity of a wireless router or a Wi-Fi repeater. For best performance, make sure you have full signal strength.
    9 Avoid placing the camera towards air conditioning ducts, fans or heaters. Heat or differential heat might trigger the device more often, leading to quick battery discharge.
    Sticker-Eye Cam is designed for indoor and outdoor. Certified with IP 54, works in a wide variety of weather conditions like sun, wind, and snow. Sticker-Eye Cam’s operating temperatures are 14°F to 122°F (-10°C to 50°C).
    The camera cannot properly detect events through the glass. Sticker-Eye comes with a PIR sensor. The sensor measures warm IR [infrared] light that radiates from objects found in its field of view (110°). This type of sensor is not working properly when facing glass. Place the camera outdoors when trying to monitor outdoor arias.
    With Sticker-Eye camera you get 24/7 crisp 1080p recorded videos. Day and night at 25 frames per second.
    The camera identifies people up to 6 meters distance. However when the camera is facing direct sunlight or during the night time, the performance of person detection is reduced.
    Sticker-Eye Cam is compatible with 802.11 b/g/n WiFi networks operating on 2.4G frequencies.
    The package comes with one Sticker-Eye Camera, one magnetic mount, 2 stickers, 3 mounting screws, a USB type-C cable, and the user manual.
    No, the battery is built-in. It is not removable nor replaceable, only rechargeable.
    The camera records 5 to 30 second videos for as long as there is motion. The recording length can not be adjusted.
    No, the internal memory cannot be replaced. You can choose between 8 GB and 32 GB model.
    If the wi-fi goes down, the camera will still be working as per usual. The detection modes [motion, people, face recognition] won't be affected whatsoever. Sticker-Eye will still be able to record events and store them locally, but won't send you notifications.
    However, if the WiFi is poor, the video playback might look choppy. We recommend you to download the video to your phone first, and then play it for full playback quality.
    Once the camera gets back online, the user will be able to access recordings by accessing the playback area in the app.
    For Sticker-Eye 8GB model:
    You can save HD videos as listed below: 2400 10s recordings or 800 30s recordings.
    You can save SD videos as listed below: 4800 10second recordings or 1600 30second recordings.
    For Sticker-Eye 32GB model:
    You can save HD videos as listed below: 9600 10s recordings or 3200 30s recordings.
    You can save SD videos as listed below: 19200 10s videos or 6400 30s videos.
    Keep in mind that the camera records for as long as there is motion. A video recording has a minimum of 5 seconds and a maximum of 30 seconds.
    All videos and snapshots are recorded locally, on your Sticker-Eye Camera. Once a smart notification is sent, a snapshot is also saved on your Sticker-Eye app.
    You can add up to 20 faces on your library.
    You'll need 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi and a smartphone [iOS9.0 or above, Android7.0 or above].
    After recording a 30s clip (which is the maximum length of a video), a new recording will start. The delay between the two is of approximately 2 seconds.
    Horizontal FOV is 110 degrees. Vertical FOV is 62 degrees.
    Horizontal ±35 degrees and Vertical 0-60 degrees.
    UL 2054.
    Battery life varies under different temperatures. As a reference, here is a graph of how long can the camera last when playing the live video under different temperatures:
    Current Sticker-Eye camera has a weatherproof grade of IP54, which means:
  • Protection from splashing water and light showers
  • Protection from dirt, dust, oil, and other non-corrosive material
  • So it is OK to set your Sticker-Eye camera outdoors, but please avoid putting it under soaking rain and direct sunlight:
  • Please set the Sticker-Eye camera inside your porch, under the eave, under a tree branch, or other places that help the device avoiding direct exposure in rain.
  • Please make sure the rubber covers at the bottom and charging port is tightly inserted in their position for sealing purpose. For outdoor use, it is recommended to put the camera in the bottom-up (headstand) position.